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After the 13th successive season of biggboss now in 2020 it’s 14th season is going to be launched hopefully. Since the end of BB13 people have talking about Biggboss14 and the topics related to it like who will be the contestants and host and like that. So we are making your every doubt clear regarding Biggboss and providing you the detailed information for every topic of Biggboss or Bigg boss 14(If you want to watch Bigg boss 14 online then must visit Biggboss14fullepisodes. We will be providing you Biggboss14 online hd episodes for free. Hope you will enjoy Bigg boss 14 latest episodes here.)

In this article we are going to talk about a very important topic regarding Biggboss14 show and that is about the rules and regulations of the show. We have earlier mentioned in the previous article some basic rules for Bigg boss 14 serial which you have to agree once you signed the contract. Here in this article we are going to discuss about the rules of the discussion in Bigg boss because the environment there is so different and you are cut off with the whole world so while facing and dealing with each other you have to follow some basic rules which we will explain in this article.

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Biggboss14 Guidelines for the rules

  1. Discussion about past life;

                                                So these are some basic rules and regulations by BB and if you note the point these are really good to follow in general life too. So the 1st point is you cannot talk about the personal life of each other in the show or any host or someone who is related to BB or Biggboss14 officials.

  1. Discussing about Mental Health:

                                                    As it’s a very bad thing morally also to discuss so this is also one of the rules of Bigg boss 14 show discussion. You cannot discuss about the Health or Mental health of each other and this could not be part of the discussion.

  1. Discussing about Physical Appearance;

                                                                         Discussing about physical appearance is not a good thing. You are not allowed to talk about physical appearance whatever the case and it doesn’t matter how someone looks like he/she is fat or thin or beautiful or black or white because it has nothing to do with the show. The only thing that matters in the BB is your performance.

  1. Calling nicknames in the show;

                                                   You are not allowed to call someone by his or her nickname in the show until you are in the house irrespective of what relation you have between each other or what he is called generally. You can only call each other by the original or some respectable name.

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  1. Personal attacks;

                              Personal attacks yes this is the very important rule because this is a very controversial show and it has been seen often that contestants fighting with each other and other angry moments. That’s why some people start personal attacks so you are not allowed at all to talk about someone personal life. Whatever the case is you will not interfere and you are not allowed to criticize his or her personal life because the Biggboss or this season Biggboss14 serial will have nothing to do with it.

  1. Abusive content;

                                 Another rule of the show is you cannot use abusive words in your discussions. People are often seen with controversies with each other and get angry over things whatever the case is you are not allowed you use abusive language in Bigg boss.

  1. Comparison;

                       No one in the big boss is allowed to compare members or contestants with each other or anyone. This cannot be the topic of your discussion. You are not allowed to compare the hosts and the other official team members too otherwise you are in the eyes of camera and you will be punished.

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  1. Rules about Criticism in BB;

                                 Yes criticism is allowed in the show and you can criticize each other or the team members but with taking care of certain things. You can only criticize him or her regarding his or her role in the show or the mistakes in the show. You cannot talk about the life outside the show and criticize about that.

  1. Fan base discussion in Biggboss;

                                      Since all the participants were celebrities in the past in the show but this year some commoners will be entered but majority is of celebrities and most have them have a big fan following beside the show. So you cannot talk about the fan following of each other or criticize. This could not be the topic of your discussion in Bigg boss.

  1. No discussion on old topics;

                                                             As the name of the heading indicates that no discussion on old topics which means you are not allowed to talk and discuss about the old topics which were given and what happened in the past. You just have to stick with the current situation and focus in your stay about you in the Bigg boss 14 house. You should only talk about the current task you have to do.

So here we explained some important rules for the discussion in the show. The contestant who will not follow the rules will be punished by the authorities and they will be warned and may be on repeating the mistake in BB14 their elimination will be done. The show will start at the end of September or in October and if you want to see the Bigg boss 14 online must visit here and you will enjoy Bigg boss 14 live. If you have any query about Bigg boss 14 or BB must tell us in the comment section.


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