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                      Biggboss is a famous Indian TV drama reality show which is based on the same concepts of Big brother. This show was first on aired in Netherland. In this year hopefully its 14th season will be telecasted. After the 13th successive season of BB in 2019 which was won by Siddharth Shukla people have started talking about the next season Biggboss14.(You can watch Biggboss14 on Biggboss14 show. Biggboss14 serial will be telecasted hopefully in September so remember to watch Biggboss14 online episodes on this site). Many rumors have been circulating here and their regarding different topics.

In this article we are going to discuss very important things related to Biggboss. If you are a Biggboss won then you must like this article. Here we are going to explain all the questions which are generally asked by the Biggboss fans. We are going to make every doubt clear for you in this article and we will also be telling you about the Biggboss14 related rumors which have been circulating around since the end of BB13. So now we will move to our first part of the article without making any further discussion about the Biggboss14 serial.

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FAQ about Biggboss and Biggboss14;

                                                                   Here we will only discuss the FAQ about the Biggboss and Biggboss14. In first we will discuss about Biggboss14 show(The season which is going to be telecasted this year in 2020) and then we will move on to BiggBoss.

  • FAQ About Biggboss14 Show;

                                                    So now with this we will move on to our first Question.

  1. Who will be the host of Biggboss14?

                                                                   After the end of the 13th season of Biggboss rumors were there that the host of the show will be changed which means Salman Khan would not be the host of the Biggboss14 drama. Later on it has been confirmed that the host would be Salman Khan who is hosting the show from the past 10 years and those news were just rumors.

  1. Where will be Biggboss14 house?

                                                           In the past few days news about the Biggboss house were circulating that it would be shifted from Mumbai to Goa but this is just a fake news according to our resources. Till now the house in Mambai would be used to record the season 14 of Bigg boss 14 too.s

  1. Who are the contestants of Biggboss14?

                                                            Although nothing is finalized till yet and there is no official statement by the authorities because this time commoners are also included in the show and their auditions were starting in May. But we have made a list of Contestants according to our information which will be hopefully competition in the Bigg boss 14 serial. You can watch it in this article.

  1. Commoners will be allowed in Bigg boss 14 or not?

                                                                                         Yes it was decided this year that commoners will also be the part of Biggboss14 show. There would be 4 to 5 commoners in the BB14 this year alongside with the celebrities. For this purpose auditions were starting in May 2020.

  1. How to apply for Bigg boss 14?

                                                       You can got to official voot website or download the Voot app and their you would find the audition form for Biggboss14 drama serial. We have written a detailed article for this special purpose you can watch it here. It will also help you in the slection for BB14.

  1. Theme for Bigg boss 14;

                                                In the past rumors were circulating about the theme of the Bigg boss 14. Those rumors were that for the Bigg boss 14 show the theme for the house would be of jungle. But according to our information these were fake news and the theme which will be used is of College shape.

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  • FAQ about Biggboss;
  1. Who is the owner of Bigg Boss?

                                                         Bigg Boss is a Hindi (Bollywood) adaption of Big Brother created in Netherlands by John de Mol Jr., largely based on the Celebrity Big Brother model owned by the Endemol Shine Group.

  1. Is Bigg boss scripted or not?

                                                      You cannot say that Bigg boss is scripted show but let me tell you it sometimes look like this because of the way it is edited.

  1. Which season of Bigg boss has the highest TRP?

                                                                                      When Salman Khan joined the show as a host in the fourth Season of Bigg boss the TRP reached on a maximum level and since then he is hosting the show. Even the latest seasom of Biggboss cannot match the TRP of 4th season of BB.

  1. What is the winner’s prize money in Bigg boss?

                                                                                In generally it is not same for every season but the prize money of the winner of the last season Siddharth Shukla was40 lakh Indian rupees.

  1. Is Salman Khan biased in Biggboss or not?

                                                                           Generally he is not biased but due to his decisions it looks like sometimes that he is a biased host especially in the past few years from his decisions.

  1. Phones are allowed in Biggboss or not?

                                                                          No phones are not allowed in the show at all because this show is all about how would it would be everyone has to live in the same house without connection with the outer world.

  1. What is the pay of Salaman Khan in the Biggboss?

                                                                                        Although Salman Khan doesn’t get the permanent pay for it but for Bigg boss 14 they are willing to pay a whopping amount of Rs 8.5 cr per episode of the extended weeks to retain him as the host for the season.

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  1. Who is the CEO of Bigg boss?

                                                  Colors CEO Raj Nayak, who was also present at the event, said the challenge was “how to reinvent Bigg Boss every year” is the CEO of Bigg boss too.


So these were the popular questions which are generally asked about Biggboss. If you have any question related to Bigg boss or Biggboss14 you must ask in the comments. Remember to watch Biggboss14 on Bigg boss 14 show. Bigg boss 14 serial would be live telecasted daily in hd quality.





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